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Terms & Conditions of use

Last Update: Friday, 04 June 2018

By making use of the site, you agree to the following terms and conditions (and the attached to this Privacy Policy of this site) which should be read carefully.

Any software is available for loading (downloading) from this server, is the intellectual property of Pelekan Est. 1967. The use of such documents from this server is restricted exclusively for informational and non-commercial purposes, or is only personal and will not be copied, nor will it be put on another network computers, nor will it be distributed to other means of communication does not occur absolutely no work on documents. Any other use is strictly forbidden by law, and may involve severe civil and criminal penalties, violators will be prosecuted legally.

The Pelekan Est. 1967 does not indicate in any way that the information contained in the documents and notices, to be published on this server, it is suitable for any purpose, any such document and the graphic is provided "as is" with absolutely no warranty of any kind.

The Pelekan Est. 1967 is not responsible nor obligation to pay compensation for any damage and moral damage resulting from failure to provide support services.

You're free to make use of the in accordance with the law and morality, and the responsibility for the contents of the trade belongs exclusively to you. The Pelekan Est. 1967 does not exercise any kind intervention or correction to the data transfer, we ask that you fill out the following fields (name, surname, telephone, address, message) of the on-line communication templates. The use of the site of Pelekan Est. 1967 is subject to Greek and international laws and you agree not to use the site with our purpose to flout these laws.

Responsibility of the user

Users agree and undertake not to use the online store for:

  • Uploading, posting, send email or transmit to other ways any content that is illegal for any reason, it is illegal to insult and fault Pelekan Est. 1967 or to any third party, or violates confidentiality or secrecy information any person.
  • Uploading, posting, send email or transmit to other ways any content causing insult of morality, social values, of ανηλικότητας etc.
  • Uploading, posting, send email or transmit to other ways any content for which the users have no right to broadcast in accordance with the law and the conventions (such as internal information, proprietary and confidential information acquired or uncovered as part labor relations or covered in confidentiality agreements).
  • Uploading, posting, send email or transmit to other ways any content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of third parties.
  • Uploading, posting, send by email or transmit to other ways any material that contains viruses, software or any other codes, files or programs designed to stop and the damage, destruction or equipment of any software or hardware.
  • Deliberate or inadvertent violation of the laws or provisions.
  • Harassment in any manner third.
  • Collect or store personal data about other users.

Also agree that all of the members, partners, employees, management and other partners of Pelekan Est. 1967 are not responsible for anything resulting from third States which make use of the site of Pelekan Est. 1967. Any use contrary to the above except the attachment and/or civil penalties result in interruption of service without any notice.


The site contains material which is owned by Pelekan Est. 1967 and is protected by law.
All the contents of the site (including text, graphics, images, pictures and software) is intellectual property of Pelekan Est. 1967 and protected by the Greek and International Law. It is forbidden to any copy, reproduction and retransmission of material without prior written permission of the company. The appearance of the contents on the website should not in any way be construed as a transfer or grant of license or right to use them.

Limits of Liability

Using the site, you agree that the use is at your own risk.
The Pelekan Est. 1967 makes every effort to provide high quality service but we cannot guarantee that there will not be any interruptions or errors. Any reference or link to another site, is provided for your convenience and are not responsible for the contents, products and services that are provided (advertising or sales) in site. Photos of the products is indicative.

Applicable Low

The site is created and controlled by the Pelekan Est. 1967 in Athens and the Greek law will guide you through the use of the site and the interpretation of. If you choose to access the site from another country, you have the responsibility to follow the laws of this country. The above terms constitute the entire agreement with Pelekan Est. 1967 which has the right to make changes to the contents of the site and to senior conditions without prior notice.

Confidentiality Statement

This confidentiality statement for the site of Pelekan Est. 1967 ( When you send a request online, the information that you provide us is used to respond to your question online, we request that you fill out and email that you send confidential. Do not transfer the content only to those directly concerned recipient and the law, if we are asked or if the contents of the message we believe that affects us.

Such action is necessary in order to:

  • Protect our rights and our property.
  • Protect ourselves against the poor or the unauthorized use of the site of Pelekan Est. 1967
  • Protect our personal safety or property of the users and our common.

However, if we are to be given false email address, or attempt to take the position of another when you send information online, all the information - as well as the IP address- we are a part of any investigation, people of Pelekan Est. 1967 you may need to edit your electronic message in cooperation with the technical department.

Also, if you request one of the responsible customer service of Pelekan Est. 1967 to assist you in any electronic correspondence, he may be able to gain access to the entire range of information which is relevant to your request, including your e-address, and your messages.

Rules & Policies

This Agreement covers all products sold exclusively through the website the company name Pelekan Est. 1967. Any deviations from this Contract shall be confirmed by the Pelekan Est. 1967 writing. Any other Terms and Conditions are excluded. Any user who enters and uses the services of the shop is that it consents and agrees to abide by the conditions set forth herein, no exceptions. If someone does not agree with these terms must refrain from using the shop and from any transaction. Send your order implies acceptance of this Agreement and all the terms there of.


Orders must be received in writing via the internet by completing and sending the relevant Order Form which is on the site

The order is received by the Pelekan Est. 1967 from the moment you receive via email informing the order status with "Order Confirmation". Other updates on the state of the order will appear on the email contact address that has been entered by the user. During the processing of each request filed verified and stock availability of products ordered. If the availability or delivery times vary from that shown in the product page will be taken on notice. The order is binding when the order status is indicated as "Shipped".

You are obliged to check the Order Confirmation and promptly update Pelekan Est. 1967 (Within 2 hours from the time of making an electronic notice marked "Confirmation Order") in writing of any error, otherwise the data referred to in the Order Confirmation will apply to this Agreement.

Before sending the Order Form received knowledge of the following elements:

  • The prices of various products which are reflected in the pages of the website include the legal VAT.
  • The various product offers valid while stocks last. In case of small/limited availability of stock product that has come to bid Pelekan Est. 1967 maintain a reasonable right to the orders executed with criterion satisfaction possible more customers, namely the recorded orders from different/distinct users.
  • The Pelekan Est. 1967 strives to provide you daily high quality service and is not liable for any errors committed in features, photos and prices of the products listed on the site and can not guarantee that there will be no errors from any cause during the introduction and/or and updating of attributes and/or the price of a product.

Order Cancellation

You may cancel your order at any stage of completion by calling us at +30 211 7109441 or via email at Depending on the stage of development of your order we will inform you about your options.

Delivery - Ownership - Risk

The basic charge for each order up to 3 kilos are 3,50 € for the whole of Greece, 19.92 € for orders up to 1 kilo for the Balkans and Cyprus and 25.27 € for all European countries also for orders up to 1 kilo. For abroad countries, deliveries will be made upon request. For oversized products, deliveries will be made upon request.

These charges relate to areas not designated by the collaborating company courier as inaccessible. For areas outside the network service (courier) and designated as inaccessible, shipping costs will vary. You will be notified that your site is inaccessible and therefore the cost of transport after the Registration Confirmation Order in writing and in a period of approximately 24 hours. If you do not agree with the cost of transporting eligible within 2 hours from the time when the relevant information to request a correction or cancellation of the order. The passage of this period will be evidence of agreement and acceptance by your transportation costs.

The time of delivery specified in the Order Confirmation is approximate. The Pelekan Est. 1967, will endeavor to send your goods within working days delivery time as listed on each product on the website. For products whose availability is "REQUEST" the delivery time down to approximately 5-20 business days (Monday through Friday), with the condition that they may be ordered from suppliers Pelekan Est. 1967. In each case, the customer service department will contact you to inform you about the availability of any product and chronic accurate delivery. There is also the possibility of partial delivery. The place of delivery refers in the Order Confirmation.

The ownership of the Product is transferred after full payment and the risk passes on delivery.

Force Majeure

The Pelekan Est. 1967 is not responsible for delays in performance (including delivery) due to circumstances not attributable to the fault of Pelekan Est. 1967 or due to force majeure and shall be entitled to an extension of time for execution. Examples could include strikes, terrorist attacks, problems with suppliers/transport/production, currency fluctuations, governmental or regulatory action and natural disasters. If this lasts more than 2 months, this Agreement may be terminated by either party without compensation.

Returns - Consumer Rights

You have the right to return products purchased, without penalty and are obliged to tell us why you wish to return the product within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of goods.

In this case you only charge the direct cost of returning goods. Returns are accepted only if the products you wish to return in the same condition as received, but that they be unsealed or has violated the packaging along with the sales receipt or invoice.

Returns are accepted provided that:

  • Contacted the same day or next business day with our online store.
  • The products are in the same condition in which you received them, but that they be unsealed or has violated the packaging.
  • The product is accompanied by the receipt or invoice.

For your desire to return the products purchased from our online store should notify us via email at on "Request Return Order" stating date/purchase invoice number as the grounds for the refund within that period or through the page Product Returns completing all required fields. Provided that you receive written approval for reimbursement from Pelekan Est. 1967, the address to which to send the products to be returned are:

Pelekan Est. 1967: 16-18 Karaiskaki St., 105 54, Psirri Sq., Athens, Greece, tel.:+30 211 7109441.

To avoid your own discomfort, it is advisable to check carefully at the time of delivery of your order on the condition of the products and packaging intact, in order to detect any obvious defects (e.g. broken merchandise, etc). If you notice a defect must contact our online shop immediately after delivery the same day or the next working day at +30 211 7109441 or

To address deficiencies or lack of guaranteed properties of the items sold are the projections of the Civil Code. To be considered an attribute, you must be certified as such in writing by both parties.

In case of refund and depending on how you chose to pay for your order and how to prepare the return, the refund will be completed within 30 days from the date we receive the products. The refund can be made by crediting your account will know the Pelekan Est. 1967.

This Convention shall not affect any consumer rights provided by law.

You are responsible for:

  • The choice of your product and its suitability for your purposes.
  • The cost of telephone and mail communication with Pelekan Est. 1967.

Modification of This

The Pelekan Est. 1967 reserves the right to amend or update the terms and conditions of trade. The modification or renewal will be effective from the time that informed the text of any change.
If any part of this convention proved invalid or unenforceable by a court, the remaining contracts will continue to be valid.
The Pelekan Est. 1967 may enter into an agreement for the assignment of duties to an appropriate third party. Otherwise, neither party will be entitled to assign or transfer its rights or obligations. All notices must be in writing (by hand, by email or letter via first class mail, which will be deemed delivered 48 hours after posting).

Applicable Law

This Agreement will be governed by European and Greek law, especially laws that regulate issues related to e-commerce, distance selling and consumer protection, and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens.

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